Paradigm Computing is a consulting company specializing in designing and implementing custom technology solutions. Our primary business has involved the design, development and implementation of computerized maintenance and dispatching solutions using hand- held devices which link up to powerful SQL databases. We provide technical consulting and programming services to a variety of customers in the utility, medical and manufacturing industries. These services include the sale and support of our custom designed maintenance management software, database design and analysis, customer programming and training. Paradigm Computing has expertise using Visual Basic, SQL Server, Access and programming custom interfaces using Palm Pilots. We are also excellent business analysts whose ability to quickly understand the intricacies of our customer's operation allows us to design and develop systems that match the workflow of their business.

Our goal is to help our customers maximize the performance and efficiency of their operations by implementing sophisticated yet practical technology in the simplest and easiest way possible.

Kaiser Permanente

Thyssen Dover Elevator

Southern California Gas Company

White Memorial Medical Center

Hunter Douglas Fabrication